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Committee Contacts

"Join in the Fun! If you have a student at the high school, you are a member of the Parents Club. Get involved and make a difference."

WGHS Parents Club 2016-2017 Chairs

Updated: 10/16/2016
Chair Liz Kanerva 314-779-6809
Vice Chair Beth Barr 314-265-2126
Treasurer Marcia Riganti 314-409-9764
Co-Treasurer Francine Plunkert 314-277-0810
Auditor Bill Sehr  
Secretary Carrie Rao 314-856-5118
Membership Committee Suzy Perry 314-265-1818
Jenny Weihl 314-629-8017
Communications Committee Fran Sudekum 314-409-5512
Sheila Burkett (website) 314-249-6571
Hospitality Committee Lynne Binder 314-497-1415
Melanie Bennett 314-662-2921
Educational Grants Committee Karen Soracco 618-578-0680
Lisa Liss 314-583-5437
Scholarship Committee Kristin Arrandale 314-518-0892
Crystal O’Loughlin 314-413-5365
Chilifest Committee Wendy Tatro 314-517-5251
Spirit Wear Committee Ellen Mrazek 314-799-1530
Tricia Nieman 314-963-8856
Winter Fundraiser Beth Parker 314-961-3730
Carla Grundy 314-452-4415
Garden Tour Kim Lutz 314-395-4857
Escrip Committee Cindy Murray  
Mary Bante 314-968-8323
Buzz Book Committee Hilary Perkins 314-277-5571
Cindy Early 314-963-1405
Senior Class Party Committee Tyra Gallagher 314-651-1718
Jo Doll 314-398-0627
Social Club Heather Koelling 314-229-3130
Jo Doll 314-398-0627

ChiliFest: Co-Chairs in Training

Tim and Angel Gartin,
Heather Driver, (488-1126)

Communications: Co-Chair in Training


SpiritWear Help:

Crystal - Web fulfillment,
Lisa Kelley,
Tanya Morrison,
Carol Barnhard,
Cheryl Haney,
Lisa Liss will continue to help