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Chilifest is an annual event the night before Thanksgiving.  Combined with the Turkey Day pep rally, the Chilifest makes a fun evening of support for the Parents Club programs, support for the students who put together the pep rally and support for the football team.  Mark your calendar and watch for more information about this year's Chilifest.  

If you are interested in volunteering to help with Chilifest, please email the committee chairs at

Professional Entries from past Chilifests include,

  • Highway 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen
  • J. Greene's Pub
  • Llewellyn's Pub 
  • Robust
  • St. Louis Wing Company
  • Straub's
  • Weber's Front Row
Amateur Entries have included,
  • Advantes Realty
  • Radio 63119
  • WGSD Board of Education
  • WGHS Class of 2019
  • WGHS Class of 2020
  • WGHS Class of 2021
  • WGHS Class of 2022
  • FACs Class 

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