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The Importance of Staying Involved!

By the time you child is in the high school, many parents feel like they have given all they can give. It is important to stay connected to the high school and be involved throughout their four years. Here are a few suggestions from experienced parents. "Get involved, you only have four more years!" "Don't wait for conferences to discuss any issues." "The biggest challenge is staying involved with your child, yet allowing him/her to develop those all important problem solving and people skills." "The Parent Club is a wonderful opportunity to get involved... it is a very important time...

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Surviving Drop-off at the High School

Dropping off at the high school can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to make it easier! "Drop off before 7:45am to beat the wait in traffic. Also, come off of Big Bend instead of Lockwood; much less traffic." "Have them walk a block (or two!). This way they get exercise and you aren't in the traffic jam of parents." "Patience is key. Allow plenty of time, drive incredibly slowly while scanning for students who think they are invincible and therefore will walk right in front of your car."  

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Benefits of Attending Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences continue in high school. Experienced parents highly recommend you attend these sessions. Here are some tips from parents on conferences. "Go to parent/teacher conferences even when things are going well with your child. Invest in these relationships because when there are challenges, the teachers will know that you are already involved in their life." "Sign up for all the teachers you need to see, then keep making the rounds until it is your turn. You will get to all the teachers quicker than if you sign up for one teacher and wait, then sign up for another teacher...

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