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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - October 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The meeting began at 7:00pm.

In Attendance

Webster Groves High School- Dr. Matt Irvin
Parents Club Members- Ginger Krueger, Jackie Fields, Francine Plunkert, Heather Pinnock, Nancy Brown, Chris Mager, Lisa Rath, Tameria Patton, Jess Terri, Judy Dante, Beth Collier, Anne Koenig, Andy Ortstadt, Teresa Brown, Kelly Laura.
Sponsor- Angie Warfield

Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes

A motion was entered and passed, approving the 9/5/18 meeting minutes submitted by Heather Pinnock.  

Welcome to Dr. Matt Irvin & Principal’s Report

Jackie Fields welcomed Dr. Matt Irvin and thanked him for attending the meeting.  Dr. Irvin gave us an excellent presentation on a Late Start Schedule proposed for the 2019-2020 school year.  In summary, the proposal is 26 Late Start Mondays so the teachers can work within their teams to enhance teaching methods and curriculum.  More to come on this.

New Business

  • No new business.

Committee Reports

  • Executive Board –

    • Chair (Ginger)-Best  seats in the house discussed and progress being made raising money and attending to the details of the fundraiser.

    • Vice Chair ( Jackie Fields)-Jackie spoke about various initiatives in process- Penny Wars, Top of the Class, etc..
    • Treasurer's Report (Francine)- Francine presented the Sept 2018 budget vs. actual results.  A motion was entered and approved to accept the financial reports.

  • Communications Committee (Andrew Ortstadt & Anne Tilly)

    • Please send content to publish to the Communications e-mail with instructions and dates for when you want something published

    • Actively using Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail to communicate messages, and all well received

  • Buzz book (Donna)-

    • Buzz book is complete

  • EScript (Teresa)-

    • Keep encouraging parents to sign up for this.  A great way for the Parents Club to make some money to benefit all students.  Schnucks will not recognize both e-scripts and the rewards program they have in place.

  • Fundraising (Jackie Fields interim chair)

    • Parents Club trying to re-energize Turkey Day events by holding events such as Class Competitions.  The Winning Class, the Class collecting the most money for the Parents Club, would be recognized at the Turkey Day game & Pep Rally.  

    • If we are to do an Auction in 2018-2019, we still need a Committee Chair

    • An additional sponsor is on board for the Turkey Day events

    • ‘Best Seat in the House’ fundraiser going well and will be advertised on WGHS Parents Club website.

    • Compass Academics pamphlets shared with the attendees, and Angie Warfield spoke on her business.

    • Considering a Winter Event or Fundraising by class, such as the use of parties families can buy into.  PJs and Parties raised $16,000 last year.

    • Garden Event or Spring Event tabled.

    • Chili Fest- $2500 sponsor received, Advantage Construction.  Still need lots of volunteers for Chili Fest. See Parents Club website and sign up via Sign up Genius.  Also, if there are ANY teen groups that want to volunteer services at the ChiliFest (be runners, etc.) please contact Jackie Fields or Ginger Krueger.

  • Spiritwear (Cheryl & Sarah)-

    • Selling well and more events planned to continue sales.  Will give shirts to Turkey Day Best Seats in the House winner.

  • Beautification-

    • No report.

  • Senior Lock-In Celebration (Sheila, Marcia)-

    • Moving along as planned.  The roulette wheel is still missing from last year’s senior party.  If anyone is storing it, please contact Sheila Burkett or Marcia Riganti so we can use the wheel for the Class of 2019 party.

  • Hospitality (Denise and Kelly) - Arrangements underway for Teacher Appreciation luncheon.  Good cooperation from all classes.

  • Reports from the following committees were not available:

    • Grants (Lisa & Karen)

    • Scholarship (Suzy & Jess)

The meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.

Next Meeting - Thursday, November 8, 2018  at 7pm in the WGHS Library

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