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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting Minutes - December 2018

Webster Groves High School Parents Club

Minutes- December 13, 2018   


  • Dr. Matt Irvin, Ginger Krueger, Jackie Fields, Francine Plunkert, Heather Pinnock, Anne Koenig, Anne Tilly Luther, Jenny Weil, WGSD Foundation representative, Hospitality representative.
  • Meeting started at 7:00pm

Minutes of Previous Meeting Oct 11, 2018:

  • Motion was entered, and approved to review the Nov and Dec 2018 meeting minutes at the Jan 10, 2019 meeting. 

Principal’s Report:

  • Dr. Irvin welcome and lead the interactive group review of core competencies of other school districts with the goal to highlight what is most important and relevant to the WGHS community.  The attendees brainstormed what competencies are important to the parents of WGHS.  Dr. Irvin will use the Parents Club feedback as one component of what is important for the full WGHS community of staff, administrators, students and parents. 

Treasurer’s Report (Francine Plunkert):

  • Discussed the financial situation including the projected budget shortfall due to the absence of a major fundraiser to support the 2018-2019 approved budget.  The Jan 10, 2019 Parents Club meeting will focus on brainstorming next steps.  If a $30K fundraiser is not completed, the team should expect 2018-2019 Grants, Scholarships and the Senior Party to all have their budget cut.

President (Ginger Krueger) & VP Report (Jackie Fields):

  • Motion entered by Francine Plunkert and approved by Jenny Weihl to allow Hixson PTO to share in Open House proceeds.  Expected share is 10% of net profits.  Huskie spiritwear will be discontinued per WGHS Spiritwear chairpersons- Cheryl and Sarah.
  • Discussed fundraising options if members volunteer to lead an event- Silent Auction, Trivia Night, Mouse Races, Social Event for Adults, Progressive Dinner, Fund the Need Event, Donor Parties and Sponsorships.  Please join us at the Jan 10, 2019 meeting to brainstorm ways we can raise the $30K needed to fund the 2018-2019 budget.


  • Discussed plans for a Facebook Live meeting option on January 10, 2019.

Beautification, Grants, Scholarship, Senior Lock-in, Membership

  • No formal report this evening.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:50pm. 

The next meeting is January 10, 2019.

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