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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - September 2018

Tuesday, September 5, 2018

In Attendance

Webster Groves High School- Dr. Matt Irvin

Parents Club Members- Ginger Krueger, Jackie Fields, Francine Plunkert, Heather Pinnock, Nancy Nooney, Lisa Rath, Nancy Brown, Carol Hodson, Chris Mager, Ellen Moriarty, Barb Schweitzer, Christine Keller, Cheryl Haney, Debbye Luetkemeyer, Teresa Brown, Heidi Geers, Beth Parker, Anne Tilly, Andy Ortstadt, Marcia Riganti, Missi Williamson, Sheila Burkett, Anne Koenig, Stephanie Hollandsworth, Roz Robinson, Renese Jones, Beth Collier, Vikki Sanders, Kate Sanders, Kate Northcott, Karen Soracco, Michelle Edmondson.

The meeting began at 7:00pm.

Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes- A motion was entered and passed, approving the 5/2/18 meeting minutes submitted by Jen Sauter.  

Welcome to Dr. Matt Irvin & Principal’s Report

Ginger Krueger welcomed Dr. Matt Irvin and thanked him for attending the meeting.  Dr. Irvin spoke briefly on the strong start to the new school year, cooperation between staff, administrators and students.  He also commented on the citizenship he has witnessed and the vibrancy of the school after 3pm with all the sports teams, clubs, and other activities starting up for the Fall. Dr. Irvin also responded to a question to tell us about himself. In very modest fashion, he spoke of prior administrative, teaching and coaching positions at MICDS, Lindbergh, Rockwood, and Kirkwood, and of course indicated he would support WGHS during the Turkey Day game.

New Business

Ginger Krueger, Chair, explained the last time the Parents Club bylaws were reviewed were in 2015, and there is a requirement to review the bylaws every three years.  Therefore, during the summer 2018, she met with a group of Parents Club members to review and streamline the 2015 bylaws. A motion was presented, and passed to make minor revisions to the 2015 bylaws.  Items approved:

  • Section A- Change ‘Educational Grants’ name to ‘Student Support & Academic Enrichment Grants’

  • Article 4- Committees can be formed as needed

  • Parents Club meetings will be held once a month, and meeting dates can vary

  • The Nominating Committee for the following years Officers and Committee Chairs will meet in January to allow more time to find volunteers for key positions and committees

  • The vote to confirm volunteers into their new roles will be changed from May to April

  • Parents Club leadership will participate at the Winter Welcome Event for families moving from middle school to WGHS.  Participation at this event is meant to provide an overview of the Parents Club, and to promote involvement with the incoming class

  • Remove redundant wording where noted

  • Separate the paragraph on the Auditor and Tax Preparer, and note the positions can be compensated

  • Incorporate a conflict of interest statement into the bylaws to protect the Parents Club tax exempt status

Committee Reports

Executive Board –

Chair (Ginger)- Welcomed the large group of attendees and stressed her goal this year is to build community, and support for one another in addition to executing the numerous programs and donations to the school and students.  For example, last year over $60,000 was spent on programs and scholarships. We want to continue to provide these services and funds, but also be here to support parents with unique issues facing this age group.  Please reach out to us if there is a topic you would like to see discussed at a Parents Club meeting. Ginger also thanked the Hospitality Committee for the Kona Ice Truck at the Freshman Open House. It was very well received.  The ‘Pass the Hat’ fundraiser at Open House was also successful. Ginger is looking for a Parent rep to go to the WGSD Foundation meetings, and a Membership Chairperson and a Class representative for the Class of 2019. If interested, please reach out directly to Ginger.

Vice Chair ( Jackie Fields)- Jackie spoke about getting started with planning activities for the 2018-2019 school year.  She also mentioned Francine Plunkert may want to contact Josh Brinkley, a Clark parent, regarding the WG Council umbrella for 501 organizations.

Treasurer's Report (Francine)- Francine presented the 2018-2019 Parents Club budget and it was approved

She also briefly reviewed the July 2018 & August 2018 expenses, and they were approved

Francine recommended moving the end of the Parents Club fiscal year from May 31 to June 30.  A motion was entered and this was also approved

Communications Committee (Andrew Ortstadt & Anne Tilly)

    • Please send content to publish to the Communications e-mail with instructions and dates for when you want something published

    • Actively using Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail to communicate messages, and all well received

    • Conducted a drawing via Facebook Live for a free T-shirt


Buzz book (Donna)-
    • Buzz book should be ready in one to two weeks

EScript (Teresa)-
    • Encouraged parents to sign up for this.  2.5% of what you spend comes back to WGHS Parents Club.  Basically you link your debit card to WGHS e-script program and we start earning money for programs.  There are over 140 restaurants in the area that accept e-script.

Fundraising (Jackie Fields interim chair)
    • Discussed if it makes sense to hold a Derby Party again this year.  Although a lot of fun for participants, this was a lot of work and only contributed $1,800 profit.

    • Recommended we use the Oct 2018 meeting to brainstorm one Fall Fundraising/Social Event and one Spring Fundraising/Social Event

    • The Activities Office at WGHS approved the Parents Club trying to re-energize Turkey Day events by holding events such as Class Competitions.  The Winning Class, the Class collecting the most money for the Parents Club, would be recognized at the Turkey Day game & Pep Rally.

    • If we are to do an Auction in 2018-2019, we need a Committee Chair

    • Recommends continuing to do the Savers Fun-Raiser.  We profited between $1000-$1500 from this event last year

    • Do we want to re-visit a WGHS Parents Club Spagetti dinner.  It was well received in the past, and would be a good social event as well as a good fundraiser

    • Sponsorship being considered for the Turkey Day events

    • ‘Best Seat in the House’ fundraiser will be done this year pending Bruce Ellerman, CFO, approval to sell raffle tickets at the Chili Fest, at Parent-Teacher conferences, online, etc.

Spiritwear (Cheryl & Sarah)-
    • We’ve sold over 60% of inventory, and we won’t be re-ordering at this time

    • Made 2X over last year, $11K to date

    • Items such as WGHS branded polos, hats, mugs are all available

    • The plans are moving along as approved last year

Senior Lock-In Celebration (Sheila, Marcia)-
    • The committee has met, and beginning to assign roles.  Moving along as expected.

    • The roulette wheel is missing from last year’s senior party.  If anyone is storing it, please contact Sheila Burkett or Marcia Riganti so we can use the wheel for the Class of 2019 party.

Reports from the following committees were not discussed or available, and will be re-visited at the October 2018 meeting:
    • Grants (Lisa & Karen)

    • Hospitality (Denise & Kelly)

    • Scholarship (Suzy & Jess)

Ginger noted that Compass Academics contributed $500 to the Parents Club so they could speak to the Parents Club and potentially advertise on Facebook with the Parents Club.  More to be discussed on this at future meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 8:38pm.

Next Meeting - Thursday, October 11, 2018  at 7pm in the WGHS Library

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