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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - November


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November 1, 2017

In Attendance

Anne Koenig, Jenny Weihl, Wendy Tatro, Andy Ortstadt, Sheila Perkins, Ginger Kreuger, Francine Plunkert, Jackie Fields, Jen Sauter, Crystal O’Loughlin, Karen Soracco, Cheryl Haney, Melissa Hayes, Jon Clark

Minutes - Last meeting of the Board: 10.4.17 to be submitted by Jenn Sauter for review. Andy Ortstadt moved to approved the minutes and Sheila Perkins seconded the mortion.  Minutes approved. 

Principal’s Report

Dr. Clark  -

Executive Board - Chair Report – Ginger

501(c)3 status – The WGSD PTO has filed their paperwork to maintain their (and all of the subgroup organization's’) nonprofit status with about 10 days to spare.

In order to remove ourselves from the WGSD PTO Umbrella there is a cost of close to $900.

ACTION ITEM - Do we want to spend the money to take back the autonomy of the WGHS Parents’ Club from the WGSD PTO?

Motion to approve funds for filing paperwork to regain autonomy from the WGSD PTO group - so moved by Wendy Tatro and Seconded by Crystal O’Laughlin. Discussion as to the pro/con of separation.

Pro - ability to do business without the confusion over FEIN, ability to accept larger corporate donations, ability to ensure that nonprofit status is maintained through the direct action of the organization and not dependent upon an outside and separate organization.

Con - the cost of the action - a one time expense.

Motion approved with no dissention or abstention -

The role of Fundraising/Development Chair has not yet been filled. How can we fill this role?

WGSD Foundation Representative - This role has not been filled. November 8th - 7:00 pm - General Foundation Meeting at Central Office. Can anyone attend and report back in December? no one is available.

WGSD BOE - report: I have been listening to the recorded Board Meetings and have listened to September as well as October as posted so far.


  • Clean Audit accepted without comment from the State
  • Restructuring of Bonds, Tax Rate Report and rollbacks
  • Sandy Wiley reported on plan for hiring a more diverse faculty.
  • Denbow reported on the education gap and targeting early learning.
  • Community Engagement Meeting 11/5 @ Bread Co.
  • Next Meeting 11/13 - Would anyone like to attend and report in Dec? Jackie Fields will try to attend.
Treasurer's Report (Francine)
To be submitted in December - this meeting was too close to the end of the month for an accurate report to be submitted.
Membership (Liz or Anne K) no updates from Membership
Communications (John, Anne Tilly, Cheryl, Andrew or Sheila)

Here are some insights into our social media activities.

Facebook - 31 new followers, Likes increased from 757 to 782 in October!, Top reach day was 2,791 people on October 5th, Top post for reach was 2,427 people, Top post for reactions, comments, and shares was 82, Top post clicks was 184.

    Tips for Content and Communication Requests

    The Communications Committee has a single e-mail distribution list Please use this e-mail for any communication requests. Here are some tips to consider when submitting content requests.

    1. Submit content at least 5 days prior to expected date of communication

    2. Include complete information (date, time, location, contact information, graphics, etc.) with your request

    3. Format content as both a pdf. and jpg. file

    4. Include a WGHS Parents Club logo or reference the club website (this excludes content that is only a photo)

    5. Send audience or communications specifications with content (i.e. please send to class of 2019 only or please post to all social media accounts)

    Fundraising Committees
    Buzz book (Carol) - not present, no report
    Chili Fest (Wendy) - all is going well. Tickets will be sent to all schools and to Schnar’s (formerly MAC) Hardware.  There is a need for volunteers.  A new logo has been adopted.  Crystal reported that Hospitality made a donation of water and oyster crackers left over from the faculty luncheon.  There is a need to communicate to the Freshman Class about how to participate and that donations are needed from the class families to help offset the cost of making such a huge amount of chili.
    EScript (Beth) not present, no report.
    Fundraiser – Derby Party (Christina) not present due to travel and family emergency. meeting with Francine tomorrow to talk about a budget.
    “Fun”draiser – PJ’s & Parties (Beth or Jenny) - To date, the Fall Fundraising Committee has sold 88 raffle tickets sold and 168 tickets sold for events. In November we will draw the winner of the raffle basket at Chilifest. To reach the budget goals, we will need to sell closer to 200 raffle tickets. We plan to continue to sell tickets online. We need volunteers to help sell tickets on November 5 at the WGHS Community Open House and on November 12 the Old Webster Holiday Open House. November sign-up events are: Memories and Mimosas-Nov 4 (9 spots left), Night Out at the Livery-Nov 11 (Sold Out), Texas Hold ‘Em-Nov 18(12 spots left).  Mark your calendars for December 9th to get your holiday gifts wrapped at the Novel Neighbor while raising funds for the Fall Fund drive!
    Spiritwear (Cheryl or Sarah)
    • Past Events -
    • Parent Teacher Conferences - Spirit Wear from office on both evenings - great idea! We added signage around the building and only needed 2 volunteers! $900 total sales
    • Last regular season football game $1100 estimated total sales and move all inventory back to HS
    • Ivory Crockett Run - estimated $1200
    • Added Championship football game with rally towels/turkey day shirts/lanyards $400 in sales
    • Added Championship soccer game with rally towels/blankets/cushions $200
    • Event Sales estimated $3800
    • Turkey Day 1st round placed for 220 2nd order will be placed 11/6
    • We are in need of 2 incoming freshmen parents and 2 outgoing parents to stay on the committee and rotate out. The job requires more than just the 2 people managing it now.  This proposed system seemed like the best idea going forward. 
    • Additional items such as lacrosse style jackets, pop sockets and pj pants are coming in soon.
    Beautification (Beth) - not present, no report
    Grants (Lisa or Karen) - Grants have been requested, reviewed and awarded.
    Hospitality (Melanie or Lynne) - The Hospitality Committee put on its Staff Appreciation luncheon this past Friday. Parent volunteers made soup, salad and dessert for about 150 staff members on their professional development day. The meal went very smoothly and the teachers are very appreciative of the efforts of the parents who provide the food. Special thanks to our class liaisons, Chris Wood, Abby Marshall and Melanie Bennett. Thanks also to Meg Nash, Melanie Braun, Crystal O'Loughlin and Betsy Schwager for their help in not only providing food but helping with the very big jobs of set up and clean up. We do now have a freshman parent liaison, Winnie Bahr. However, we are still light on volunteers in both the freshmen and junior classes.
    Scholarship (Sarah or Kristen) not present, no report
    Senior Lock-In Celebration (Nicole or Crystal) - had a meeting tonight prior to this evening’s meeting. Needs to send a letter/communication about the committee’s plans and needs.  Will communicate this request to the Communications Committee.


    New Business - ByLaws allow for a majority vote of those present at the meeting to approve/disapprove/table a motion.

    Next Meeting

    Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, WGHS Library 7:00 pm

    Adjourn at 7:58pm

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