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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting Minutes - January 2019

Webster Groves High School Parents Club 

Minutes- January 10, 2019    


  • Dr. Matt Irvin, Francine Plunkert, Heather Pinnock, Sheila Burkett, Karen Smith, Jenny Weihl, Lisa Rath, Beth Snyder Parker, Anne Tilly, Spiritwear Chair 
  • Meeting started at 7:00pm 


Minutes of Previous Meeting Oct 11, 2018: 

  • Motion was entered by Shelia Burkett and seconded by Beth Snyder Parker approving the November 2018 and December 2018 minutes.     

Principal’s Report: 

  • Dr. Irvin discussed preparations in place in anticipation of the upcoming bad weather/snow.  

President (Ginger Krueger): (Submitted) 

  • Incoming Freshman Parent Orientation night is Jan 16 at 7pm.  Ginger will attend and speak about the Parents Club and all the wonderful doings. 
  • We have to set up a Nominating Committee for open positions in 2019-2020.   

Treasurer’s Report (Francine Plunkert): 

  • Motion entered by Beth Snyder Parker to accept the Treasurer reports, and seconded by Lisa Rath.  Financials accepted. 
  • Discussion on the Parents Club financial situation including the projected budget shortfall due to the absence of a major fundraiser to support the 2018-2019 approved budget.  Ensuing discussions focused on brainstorming next steps.  Numerous attendees stated how they could help from running a small social gathering, soliciting personal requests to parents for donation, social media campaigns, to fundraising telethons. 

VP Report (Jackie Fields): 

  • No formal report this evening.   

Committee Reports: 

  • No formal reports this evening except Senior Party & Beautification Committee 
  • Senior Party- Entertainment is confirmed, prizes are moving along and we need a 2020 Rep to guard the prizes during graduation.  We also have a plan for post party clean-up.  Carla is assisting with this. 
  • Beautification- We will get going in the Spring 2019 after review by Dr. Irvin.  Tentative plan is to have native shrubs, bushes & trees 

Next Meeting:  February 12, 2019.  We will have a speaker presenting on the topic of Teen Depression & Anxiety.  

Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:40 pm.   


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