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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - May

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Attendance: Francine Plunkett, Jackie Fields, Jen Sauter, Ginger Kreuger, Anne Koenig, Jenny Weihl, Kristin Arrandale, Anne Tilly, Bett Barr, Lisa Rath, Marcia Riganti, Denise Acar

Meeting minutes from last meeting - motion to approve by Jenny Weihl and seconded by Kristin Arrandale.

Lisa Rath agreed to be class rep from 2021. We have talked about the need for reps from each class. Have not been able to find new committee chairs for next year. We discussed the idea of having the class reps be the communication arm and solicitors of volunteers from their class. Would like tonights attendees to reach out to various parents from other classes to ask them to join our group.

Election position: No opposition, the slate as noted by the committee has been approved. Donna Schneiders will speak with Francine this week to discuss possibility of performing the Auditor function. Bill Sehr is being changed to tax preparer. Jackie Fields ( in the position of Vice Chair) will agree to be the point of contact for individual committee chairs. Executive Board would like to review the by-laws this summer to address any needed changes. Ginger Kreuger will head up this task. There was discussion regarding next year’s fundraising and the goals for next year. It was noted that we need more parents stepping up in the future or this organization will come to an end. Ginger expressed strong opposition to pushing fundraising amounts to each individual class and instead make it a group effort. Jackie will spearhead a fundraising brainstorming group.

Live raffle for parking spot: Ginger Kreuger will pull the name at 7:30 pm LIVE on FB. Carolyn Wilson and Laura Etzel were the winners.

Committee Reports: Communication Report: sent prior to meeting Membership: Need more chair persons. Dr Clark brought in the new principal to introduce him to the group.

Fundraising: Jenny Weihl approaching $13K which is about $3K less than they had anticipated. Format is built and the infrastructure is there.

Buzz book: Forms have been dropped into the Dropbox.

Derby Party: Need tickets to be sold. Communication has been making great posts and keeping it updated.

Spiritwear: Great year. Report submitted.

Beautification: Contract has been signed and action is being taken. Waiting until graduation to keep things moving.

Grants: 7 grants funded this Spring. Stipulation that money had to be retrieved in 60 days or forfeited. This was done in the fall and allowed for more grants to be issued. $8500 given out this spring. Anne Tilly would like to make it more ceremonial to allow for greater visibility. We need to make this a requirement.

Hospitality: Staff breakfast this friday.

Scholarship: Being presented at Senior Awards.

Senior Lock In: Ginger met with Crystal. They are on track for a great party.

New Business: Francine brought up a good point that it’s difficult to submit a Treasurers report since the the bank statement comes out on the last day of the prior meeting. This would require official action. Dr. Clark will look at the calendar.

Adjourn 8:11pm. 

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