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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - March


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In Attendance

Anne Koenig, Jenny Weihl, Wendy Tatro, Sara Klise, Lisa Liss, Sarah Smith, Sheila Burkett, Beth Barr, Beth Parker, Marcia Riganti, Tilly Luther, Crystal O’Loughlin, Jackie Fields, Francine Plunkert.

Jackie Fields called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Prior Meeting Minutes -

Last meeting of the Board: 2.7.18 submitted electronically by Jenn Sauter for review.

Sheila Burkett moved to approve the minutes and Wendy Tatro seconded the motion. There was no response to a call for discussion. Jackie Fields put the motion to a vote. All present voted aye; the motion carried.

Principal’s Report

Dr. Clark could not be at the meeting tonight. His report was submitted electronically.  Click here to read the report.

  • Broadway Revue
  • POPS Orchestra Concert
  • Jazz Band Concert
  • Symphonic/Wind Symphony Band Concert
  • All Write Festival
  • Spring sports season begins
Upcoming activities:
  • 3/13 Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4-8 m.
  • 3/14 Parent-Teacher Conferences, 12:50-2:45 m.; Early dismissal, 1-2-3-7
  • 3/14 Band leaves for Paris
  • 3/15 MIOS Assembly, 3 rd hour; Spring Sports Assembly, 6 th hour
  • 3/16 NO SCHOOL
  • 3/19-3/23 Spring Break
  • 3/30 Statesmen Service Awards, 7:00 m., Auditorium
  • 4/3 ACT, Junior Class
  • 4/3 Choir Preview Concert, 7:00 p.m., Auditorium
  • 4/4 NHS Induction Ceremony, 7:00 p.m., Auditorium
Committee Reports

Executive Board (Jackie)

    • Unable to attend meeting but there was discussion of new safety measures in the school district in light of the recent shootings in
  • High School Principal Search meeting for parents – Thursday 3/8 in Library
  • Clark Retirement – Suggestions on what we should do for him from the Parent’s Club
    • Please bring your ideas to the April
    • Francine confirmed that there is room in the budget to add a line item for
    • Sheila recommended that we find out what the Parents’ Club did for Pat Voss when she retired, in case that is informative for our own selection for Clark.
  • Update on school safety and security enhanced procedures
    • A buzzer with camera is being installed at the main entrance and inside doors will be evaluated for quality of safety provided, among other security

Treasurer's Report (Francine)

  • Revised treasurer reports for October through January have been uploaded to Drop-Box. The originals of the reports are in Excel; PDFs of the reports are in a "PDF" folder within the Treasurer Reports
  • February's financial report is also posted, along with a summary of the report. Several hard copies were available at the
    • Sheila Burkett moved that we approve February’s financial report. Wendry Tatro seconded the motion. There was no response to a call for discussion. Jackie Fields put the motion to a vote. All present voted aye; the motion
  • Application for independent tax status not yet Targeting next meeting (April).
  • Sheila Burkett moved that we increase the mission budgets across all three missions by $2,500 from $17,500 to $20,000 each, as proposed at previous meetings. Wendy Tatro seconded the motion.
  • Discussion points included:
    • Concern over the amount being spent on Senior Lock-In, and that it might not look good to non-board members if they saw how much it
    • We are at risk of being too extravagant with the Lock-In if the budget is allowed to grow.
    • The other missions are arguably more worthy (as they are “giving” activities) than throwing a party for the seniors, and are therefore arguably more worthy of a larger budget than Senior Lock-In.
    • On the other hand, we really do want this event to be something that the seniors want to attend, so that they are not attending alternative, higher-risk activities that
    • There are schools that spend considerably more than we are proposing on their senior parties.
    • The amount is a spend limit, not an amount that must be spent. The amount spent could come in
    • Senior Lock-In is the only one of our missions that benefits all students (when they become seniors). Not everyone will receive a scholarship, and not everyone will be a part of a class that benefits from a grant, but everyone will eventually be a
    • We are able to support this level of spending even at current fundraising levels for the next few years without undue concern. However, in order for this amount of funding for our missions to be sustainable, we will need to increase our fundraising.
  • These mission budgets were voted on for this year but they can be adjusted in future years.
  • Jackie Fields put the motion to a All present voted aye; the motion carried.

 Membership (Anne K)

  • It’s time to think about what the board will look like next
  • The by-laws technically call for the creation of a nominating committee, which is not something we’ve done in recent years but we could
  • Need to follow up with Ginger regarding the fundraising director position; if we are going to restructure to include this, now is the time so that one can be recruited for next
  • If we are going to have board members in place by May, we need to vote on them at the next meeting (April).

 Communications (Tilly)

  • The “juul” article got ~2,000 hits on
  • There is a button to make it easy to donate that can be added to articles, but it ties to the umbrella organization because only they can be found on the IRS web-site to be confirmed as tax-exempt.
  • Francine counseled Tilly to continue to use the umbrella organization’s tax ID for the time being, as the check will still come to us and our bank will still accept it. When the new tax application is approved, we can change the tax information that ties to the button.

 Fundraising Committees

  • Derby Party
    • Not present but they e-mailed an update to the They are ready to begin ticket sales.
  • Buzz Book
    • Carol e-mailed out to customers who ordered hard copies that they are now available in the office.
  • eScrip (Beth)
    • Looking to have a chair in place for the end of this year so that next year they can hit the ground running and not miss out on year-opening
  • FunDrive (Jenny & Beth)
    • Parking spot raffle
      • Getting ready to
      • There are two spots that will be
      • Will talk to Dr. Clark about providing a free entry for students at a certain level, g. Renaissance.
      • There was discussion regarding the best “target” student
      • Will pull the winners at our last meeting for the school year (May).
    • Upcoming parties
      • Room left for people who would like to attend; please encourage sign-ups.
      • Two parties in February were cancelled due to low ticket sales; will consider February a slow party month for future
    • Spirit Wear (Sarah)
      • Will have a spring sale in April
  • Next year will plan to save some of purchasing budget for the spring, in order to respond to customers who have asked for new merchandise.
  • It was suggested that they sell at the upcoming parent-teacher conferences; Sarah said that they asked to do so at the last conferences and Clark declined, in order to keep the focus on the conferences, but she will check in with him to see if that has changed.
Beautification (Beth)
  • Was scheduled to meet with Ginger & Dr. Clark after tonight’s meeting but as neither could attend, they will have to
  • Consideration will be given to a way to commemorate Dr. Clark’s retirement as part of the beautification
  • Gearing up to recruit volunteers to do the physical
  • Area of focus will be the senior entrance. 

Grants (Lisa)

  • The call for applications for spring grants has gone Only a couple received so far.
  • Francine will check with Roro to see if there are any unclaimed grants from the fall. 

Hospitality (Melanie/Lynne)

  • Friday, May 4, is the teacher breakfast. 

Scholarship (Sarah)

  • The deadline for applications was mid-February; they’ve received 49
  • April 6 is the deadline for selecting winners.
  • There is a scoring rubric. All applications are blind when evaluated. Some are ruled out on the basis of the FAFSA (college financial aid application). The evaluation starts with financial need but that is not the only consideration. 

Senior Lock-In Celebration (Crystal)

  • Making progress.

New Business

We only have two more meetings left this school year. Please be considering any recommendations you may have to fill your position next year, if you will not be returning.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, WGHS Library 7:00 pm

Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

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