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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - February

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In attendance: Wendy Tatro, Jenny Weihl, Francine Plunkett, Jackie Fields, Jennifer Sauter, Martha Veldhuizen, Kristin Arrandale, Jo Dahl, Beth Parker, Crystal O’Loughlin, Ginger Krueger, Beth Barr, Christine Fiehler

Principal’s Report:   Jon Clark

New parent group (Equity group) forming. First meeting is Feb. 21, at 7pm. They will meet the last Wednesday of the month. Students are also invited to attend. They did have a soft lockdown based on social media posts that were determined to not be directed at WGHS.

Committee Reports

Executive Board: Jackie Fields reported on BOE meeting.  Public  comment included the equity initiative for closing the academic achievement gap, shutting down hate speech. Mentioned the class trip to NYC and the MLK celebration was well attended.  Superintendent noted  he would like us to stay away from City election candidates posting ads on our social media accounts.

Treasurer’s Report: Francine Plunkett reported on the updated financials and the proposed budget for the Derby Party. She started the new tax status application.  At the March meeting we will discuss raising the budget of each of our missions.

Membership: No report provided

Communication: Sheila—I did get the google account setup on the nonprofit account. I can start setting up email accounts for each committee.

Fundraising committees:

  • Buzz Book Committee: from Anne Tilly- The good news is that I have added the Buzz Books purchased at the open house to the Buzz Book contracts in Constant Contact. All electronic orders are fulfilled. Only 31 printed copies were pre-ordered. We decided to only order 35 in total.
  • Chili Fest: No report
  • EScript: Beth- this program has a great deal to grow. What I have found in the past 3 years is that it gets overlooked and needs to be in the parents view so everyone remember to swipe. I have also found out this year being in charge is that the beginning of the year is hard to get in touch with the Schnucks rep. And then you are late getting everything started and miss prime holiday time. I would like to find a replacement for me this year and get everything organized and in the dropbox so they are ready to go in the fall. If the person is good at Facebook and twitter probably would be a bonus. Maybe see if someone wants to do some videos over the summer? The Chelsea Center might be an option.
  • Derby Party: Christine Fiehler - Budget has been fine tuned to the best of their ability. See financial report for expenses and revenue. A move was made by Ginger Krueger to approve the budget and Beth Parker seconded the motion. Motion approved.
  • “Fun”draiser: Beth Barr- FUNdrive total is hovering around $10K. We are counting on $2500 from sign-up parties.  $4K is needed to make up  the difference.  Any ideas on how to achieve this are welcomed.  At this time we propose the following:
    1. Raffle off parking spots- Feb 16-March 16 Goal is $1K
    2. Targeted e-mail to parents to remind them of the FUNdrive. Send a specific message to Senior parents reminding them of what Parents’ Club does to make senior year special. Send the messages before the end of Feb. (Goal $2K)
All remaining sign up parties have openings. The remaining parties are: Adult Hip Hop, Adult Scavenger Hunt, Bicycle Pub Crawl, Mom’s Wine Night, Core 3 Exercise Class, Yoga & Brunch.
Please sign up for a party and invite your friends.
  • Savers Fundraiser: drop off at Hixson or some other parking lot. Saturday April 7th 10am-1pm. Goal is $1K. Volunteers will be needed.
  • Spiritwear: Shelves are almost bare, Baseball game on 2/23 will be last booth. We have 3 parents joining the committee for next year.

Beautification: Beth Parker - looking into sprinkler system

Grants: There’s 1 application in and there is still $4400 from Fall grants that need to be spent.

Hospitality: No report

Scholarship: Advertising that the deadline for submission is 2/15.

Senior Lock-In Celebration: Crystal O’Loughlin- moving forward. Meeting regularly.

Regular meeting closed at 8:03pm.

Next meeting March 7th at 7pm.

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