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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting Minutes - November 2018

Webster Groves High School Parents Club

Minutes- November 8, 2018.   


  • Dr. Matt Irvin, Jackie Fields, Francine Plunkert, Heather Pinnock, Judy Dante, Anne Koenig, Anne Tilly Luther, Teresa Brown, Karen Soracco.
  • Meeting started at 7:00pm

Minutes of Previous Meeting Oct 11, 2018:

  • Reviewed and approved.

Principal’s Report:

  • Dr. Irvin welcome and discussion of Parent-Teacher conferences.  Discussed success of the conference slots and also presented data from conference survey.  Solicited from attendees on how to reach parents where the student is struggling.  Excellent dialogue.

Treasurer’s Report (Francine Plunkert):

  • Reviewed and approved.

VP Report (Jackie Fields):

  • Discussed ChiliFest preparation and Top of Class results.
  • Great cooperation from all classes providing food for the conferences.  Thank you to the Hospitality Committee.


  • Presented results of communication reach.  The results are also shared via the Parents Club e-mail notification.

Buzz Book:

  • Working with the Printing Company to complete.  Electronic version is available.

Beautification, Grants, Scholarship, Senior Lock-in, Membership

  • No formal report this evening.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00pm.

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