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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - December


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In Attendance

December 4, 2017 Meeting

Welcome to The Parents’ Club – Introduction of Board/Committees and welcome to all in attendance.

Minutes -

Last meeting of the Board: 11.1.2017  submitted by Jenn Sauter for review...Discussion or Corrections

Motion to approve minutes as submitted or with noted corrections: So moved by Lynne B and Seconded by ?? - Approved with no discussion.

Principal’s Report

Dr. Clark -

A discussion followed regarding Vaping and the concerns and experiences from some of the parents.  Dr. Clark is planning to put together small group discussion of the dangers and concerns with students.  He also touched on the topic of Daylight (lack thereof) and Depression that occurs during the winter months, asking Parents to be aware of signs of depression.

Committee Reports

Executive Board – Jackie WGSD BOE - report: 11 Board Meeting Location Change. The Board of Education will hold its regular meeting Dec. 11 at the school district Service Center, 3232 Brentwood Blvd. An executive meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. and the open session at 7. (Jackie will check her calendar and try to attend).

Treasurer's Report (Francine) - To be submitted in Electronically after the Holidays-

Membership (Liz or Anne K) No update this month from Membership

Communications (John, Anne Tilly, Cheryl, Andrew or Sheila) No Report

Fundraising Committees

Buzz book (Carol) - no report. However there are concerns that the book is not out yet. Ginger will follow up with Carol.

Chili Fest (Wendy) - Nothing to report until Financials are complete.

EScript (Beth) - Beth is having trouble getting communication with Schnucks, but we have new cards. She will consider being present at the Class of 2022 Parent night in January to encourage incoming Freshman Parents to either sign-up or move their support from Elementary to WGHS.

Fundraiser – Derby Party (Christina) - We met with Francine Plunkert and put together a tentative budget. Additionally, the three of us met to start the process of pulling together members for our committees. We are also working on our calendar. Could you let me know when the next parents meeting will be and we'll plan on bringing everyone up to date on what we've pulled together as well as what we will be working on in 2018.

“Fun”draiser – PJ’s & Parties (Beth or Jenny)

  • Congratulations to Becky Morgan, winner of the "Stay in Your PJs" Raffle Basket!! Just over $3000 was raised from raffle ticket sales.  Thank you to everyone who donated.
  • Our Fall FUNdrive is still going strong! We are just short of $10,000 raised! Our goal is to send out and end of the year e-mail solicitation for the fund.  Also, there are many parties and events still remaining.  Please help promote the events for December:
  • 9th Holiday Gift Wrapping at the Novel Neighbor - this needs to be advertised heavily over the next two days.
  • 21st Class of 2021 Mom's Wine Night

Spiritwear (Cheryl or Sarah)

Grants (Lisa or Karen) - no report

Hospitality (Melanie or Lynne) - no report

Scholarship (Sarah or Kristen) - Application has been updated and will be posted by the counselors along with other local Scholarship Opportunities - App Deadline
Senior Lock-In Celebration (Nicole or Crystal) - They had a good response of Class of 2018 parents donating Gift Cards especially after Black Friday.

New Business - no new business

Next Meeting

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, WGHS Library 7:00 pm

Adjourn 7:53 pm

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