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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - April


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In Attendance: Anne Koenig, Ginger Kreuger, Beth Parker, Jen Sauter, Christine Fiehler, Beth Barr, Crystal O’Loughlin, Anne Tully, Kristin Arrandale, Melissa Hays, Andy Ortstadt, Mariam Townsend

Principal’s Report:

Dr. Clark was unable to attend and his report was provided and included in the meeting agenda.

Review of last meeting minutes: Minutes approved with amotion by Andy Ortstadt and seconded by Beth Parker.

Discussion about gift for Dr. Clark: Ginger Kreuger indicated she will follow up to see what else is being done. Kristin Arrandale indicated there was $500 left over to spend on gift. Beth Parker brought a motion to get Dr. Clark a gift and Anne Koenig seconded the motion.
Upcoming Fundraisers: Due to weather forecast, it was decided we would with the Savers Fundraiser date to 4/14. Volunteers are needed to unload the donated items.
General Business: We discussed the fact that a nomination committee of 4-6 reps (preferably 1 from each class) would be ideal as members of the board. Unfortunately we only received one volunteer from the class of 2021. We also determined we should review the by-laws and possibly form a committee to do so. Additionally we discussed the fact that we are supposed to have an Auditor per the by-laws and we do not currently have one.  It’s unclear about the Auditor position and what to do about fundraising committee. Could possibly set up a fundraising co-chair position. Additionally it was noted that the organization cannot continue to over spend as we have been. We are supposed to host an incoming freshman event in January/February (according to the by-laws). We will revisit with Mickey regarding the Freshman event. Immediate need to go to FB Pages to post for each class to look for committee members and more parents to get involved next year. One idea was to attend the 8th grade award ceremony as an intro to our club. This was done 2 years ago. We discussed putting out a poll on each of the Class of FB pages to find out which parents are interested in joining our group and volunteering for future events.
Rolling Ridge opening their registers from 9am to 8pm with 10% of all sales going to the WGHS parents club. We are in need of volunteers for that timeframe to man the register and help get the word out.
Board of Education and Treasurer’s Report: Postponed until the May meeting
Committee Reports:
Membership Committee: Anne Koenig: Working to understand who will be returning and what committee chairs are still needed.
Communication Committee: Anne Tully: reaching 1,000’s of people with our posts.
Fundraising Committee: Beth Barr: Finishing up parties and pushing tickets for the parking spot. Pulling at the May meeting. Might be shy of the $3K fundraising goal. Scavenger hunt was a huge success.

Escrip: Beth Parker: Anne Koenig will be taking this overnext year.

Derby Party: Christine Fiehler: Anne and Todd Koenig will be managing the betting table. Red carpet photo opportunities. Richard Gowan will be running the screen. Food and drink donations have been a little slow. Need connections for these vendors.

Spiritwear: Having a tax cut sale 4/15-4/22. T-shirts and signs plus 2022 items delivered.

Beautification: decided on landscape architect. Matt Palmer has already begun ripping out some bushes. Beth Parker will send us the contract.

Grants: Ginger: met Monday and reserved $500 to granting. Did grant all apps that said they would accept partial funding. There were 2 both funded with 12-13 grants partially or fully funded. Committee will develop a Google form for future applications.

Hospitality: May 4th event for teachers. Details to follow

Scholarship: 49 applications with 20 being awarded. The process involved scoring essays and was blind scoring. Would like to get a group photo to post on FB. May want to consider developing a Google form for future use.

Senior Lock In: Crystal O’Loughlin: volunteers needed. A rep from the Junior class showed up to take notes and begin the process of learning how to put on this event for next year.

Final Business: Official last meeting of school year is May 2nd. Please submit reports prior to meeting to be included in notes.

Adjourned at 8:30pm

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