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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - September


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In Attendance  

Ginger Krueger, Francine Plunkett, Jackie Fields, Jen Sauter, Jenny Weihl, Beth Barr, Cheryl Davidson, Lisa LIss, Anne Koenig, Crystal O’Laughlin, Melissa Hayes, Nicole Chaput, Stacy Preston, Beth Parker, Chris Severino, Andy Ortstadt, Wendy Tatro, Anne Luther Kristin Arrandale, Lynne Binder, Cheryl Haney, Karen Soraco, Sara Smith, Jon Clark

Minutes from Meeting

Approval of Minutes from Executive Board Meeting.  Jenny Weihl motioned and Sara Smith provided a second.

Dr. Clark wished to thank the Parents Club for all their work on the Open House and indicated over $2100 was raised in the Pass the Hat exercise. Auditorium renovations were also mentioned in thanks.

Treasurer’s Report & Proposed Budget Explanation

Francine Plunkett gave a description of the reports to be reviewed this evening. An error in the senior yard sign and parent t-shirt line was noted and will be corrected for future reference.

Again it was discussed that the 3-prong mission of the Parents Club should and will be funded equally going forward.

Spring Fundraising does not have a chair so this event may be eliminated for the 2017-2018 year.

Beautification was added to this year’s budget at the $2,000 level.

Communications & Website have a $2,000 grant that needs to be used this year.

Hospitality & Membership’s budget was increased this year as a holding place for future years. It was felt that $50 was sufficient for any admin fees associated with membership.

ChiliFest chair, Wendy Tatro, requested the budget goal remain at $8700.

Last year was an especially successful year with a generous $2,000 donation that has not been provided in the past years.

A question was raised as to why has a 10% reserve been added into the budget if we have a healthy money market account. It was explained that this is to set a precedent and that typical non-profit organizations strongly suggest this as a means of ensuring future cushion to group expenses.

Crystal O’Laughlin asked for clarification regarding the senior yard sign/t- shirt category. It was noted that the spreadsheet needs correction to deducted the disbursements from the recipes which would indicate an estimated net income of $1850 for the Senior Yard Sign/T-shirt category.

Spiritwear budget needs additional fine tuning and that is expected to be completed shortly. An update will be provided at the next meeting.

A further discussion of the proposed 30/30/30 split of Club funds for the 3- prong mission of the Club.

It was clarified that the scholarship committee has a guaranteed amount of $17,500 to dispense this year but that if they felt they needed more we would more than willing to reassess that amount.

Jon Clark noted that educational grants was budgeted a higher amount than in years past. We confirmed that the increase was in line with our decision to evenly split the amount spent on the 3-prong mission of the Club.

A motion was raised by Andy Ortstadt and seconded by Kristin Arrandale for the acceptance of the proposed budget with changes to the Senior Yard Sign/T-shirt category. BUDGET APPROVED.

July and August Treasurer’s Report

Prior year outstanding expenses were explained for items paid out over the summer months. There were numerous issues with getting scholarships paid out. There was a bank error (which we are still attempting to collect bank service fee reimbursements for). All scholarships from the last school year have been paid out. Additionally some Senior Lock-In expenses came in over the summer and have been paid.

Spiritwear had a carried over invoice. It has been determined that this will no longer occur. Again the Senior Yard Sign/T-shirt category was noted as needing correction.

Chris Severino motioned to approve the Treasurers Report and Beth Parker provided a second. TREASURERS REPORT APPROVED.

Copies of the Expense Payment Request Form were provided to those who might need it in the future.

Ginger Krueger— Open house had a great turnout. Thank you to the communications committee regarding the Pass the Hat event. Thank you to Dr. Clark and all the wonderful volunteers that made the night a success.

Questions have been raised about the not for profit status. An umbrella organization was created under public charity within the IRS and our Parents Club FEIN was put under that umbrella. The main issue we’ve had is that corporations wanting to make matching donations are not able to do so if our FEIN is under the umbrella organization. Further info will be coming.

We would like to consider creating a development chair for overall fundraising that could coordinate the efforts of the various fundraising groups/committees.

Additionally, the By-Laws require us to have reps from each graduating class. As an organization it was suggested that we should explore this more fully. As of now, there is a rep from each class throughout the committee chairs and executive committee members.

Question was asked—-where do we get printing done?? For jobs that do not require IMMEDIATE print, we should call Pat Voss at 314-918-4064 for pricing. Pat can also be reached at  For example, color copy charges are $0.07 per copy. For immediate needs go to Elaine Hartman in the Media Center at 314-918-4659 or . We will need to let the Media Center and Pat Voss know which committee is to be charged for any print jobs.

When expensing items, the best way to get reimbursed is through Francine Plunkett. You can send her the invoice via email or you can drop off in an envelope at the Parents Club mailbox in the main office.

Ginger Krueger—A goal she has as chairperson is to streamline the communications. She would like to see every chair having their own dedicated email that could be handed down to future chairs.

Membership - Anne Koenig—All sign up sheets from open house and orientation have been scanned and placed in the Dropbox account. Noted that we still need a Spring Fundraising committee chair.

Spiritwear—Solicit volunteers on social media has been successful and they are set for the next several events.

Communications - Anne Luther—added content on dropbox: logos, top 5 tips. Would like clarity on what gets sent out via the parents club. If you want something put on social media send it to   We typically don’t want to promote other groups fundraising events beforehand but will certainly offer congratulations after the fact. We want to be very clear about what we post on our social media accounts.


Buzz Book chair not in attendance.

ChiliFest - Wendy Tatro—we need to know who wants to chair next year so they can shadow the process this year. It will make things so much easier for them.

eScrip- Beth Parker—schnucks has new cards for us soon. We will possibly hand out at conferences??? We will also get a bundle to the Spiritwear committee so they can hand out at events. We need to get the info out that parents should switch their accounts to the WGHS Parents Club once their children are out of the elementary schools.

PJs and Parties—Jenny Weihl and Beth Barr. We have 4 sponsors at the

$1000 level. Pushing raffle sales right now. Pulling a name for the raffle at the next meeting. Sept 22 is the sign up party date. Seeking hosts for party.

Spiritwear- Cheryl Haney and Sara Smith. Launching new product throughout the year. Winter holiday stuff is coming as are Lanyards on Monday 9/11. Google doc is how they have things set up but we would like for it to eventually be loaded into Dropbox.

Hospitality - Lynne Binder. Freshman orientation and Open house went well. There is a staff lunch scheduled for the end of October.

Scholarship - Kristin Arrandale. Last year we really streamlined the process Grants - Lisa Liss and Melissa Hayes. Most requests ever last year. Couldn’t fill them all. They awarded them with a surprise photographer visit and balloons.

Still deciding whether to do all at once or split into Fall and Spring. Many folks indicated they would like to see them distributed all at once.

Senior Lock-In Crystal O’Laughlin. First meeting was 9/6 and they already had a fundraiser at Savers that earned $1,000 and was super easy.

Beautification—Beth Parker. Focus is on courtyard and entrance to the main building. Would like to get the kids involved for ownership.

New Business—- NONE Meeting Adjourned.

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