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WGHS Parents' Club General Meeting - October


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In Attendance

Ginger Krueger, Francine Plunkett, Jackie Fields, Jen Sauter, Jon Clark, Teresa Brown, Miriam Townsend, Wendy Tatro, Sara Klise, Lisa Liss, Anne Luther, Sheila Burkett, Liz Austin, Anne Koenig, Andy Ortstadt, Cheryl Haney, Kirstin Arrandale, Amy Heisler, Lynne Binder, Sue Shumate, Sarah Smith, Melissa Hatel, Beth Parker, Crystal O’Loughlin

Minutes from Meeting

Wendy Tatro moved to approve the minutes from the September 2017 meeting. Lynne Binder seconded the motion. Minutes approved.

Francine Plunkett noted the corrections were made to the previously submitted budget. Sheila Burkett made a motion to approve the budget and Wendy Tatro provided a second. Francine will attempt to have the report in the dropbox before the next meeting.

Principal’s Report

Dr. Clark provided an update on recent and upcoming celebrations and activities. It was noted that Nov. 5th is the community open house and is a terrific opportunity to allow middle schoolers or families with children in private schools to see the wonderful facilities and programs we offer at WGHS.

Committee Reports

Executive Board - Ginger Kreuger

Chair Report- Ongoing investigations into the EIN and tax status.

Savers made their check payable to the umbrella organization and was deposited.

Derby Party Update: Christine Fiehler provided an update on the planned spring party. It will be held at The Edge of Webster (facility holds 225). More information will be made available as we approach the Spring. See attached breakdown

Membership Committee - no update

Communications Committee - Anne Luther reported that she’s been reviewing the Facebook metrics. 85% of the FB members of our site are women between the ages of 35 and 50, We need to explore ways to get more men involved in our FB page.

Fundraising Committees

Buzz Book - can purchase an ad online

Chili Fest - getting restaurants lined up. Helpers are great and will be able to take over for next year’s event. We do need Freshmen parents to take caree of food prep.

EScript - new cards have arrived and we are planning to hand them out at Parent/Teacher conferences. We would like information on the website about how to switch the accounts from their elementary schools to the high school. Looking into Amazon Smile and BoxTops as well.

“Fun”draiser - PJs & Parties. 129 tickets to events have been sold and 64 raffle tickets have been sold. The raffle deadline was extended to the night of the chilifest. See attached update.

Spiritwear - Cheryl Haney indicated they would set up tables at the cross country and volleyball events and this will continue through out the year. Turkey day shirts are available and the app is live. Through Shopify the money goes directly to the account.


They met with Dr. Clark to start a master plan. They have spoken with someone to draw one up and will share that when available.


Deadline is October 18th and they will meet during the last week of October to decide which will be granted.


Staff appreciation is scheduled for October 27th. See attached update.

Scholarship - Will begin next month

Senior Lock In- met today and no new updates

New Business—-Ginger Kreuger brought up a motion to institute the position of Fundraising and Development Chair. Jenny Weihl seconded the motion.

Motion Passed.

Board of Education—We would like to have someone attend the meeting to provide us monthly updates including but not limited to updating the website and FB pages.

Also, we would like to have a Freshman Parent liaison to the parent club. Attendees were encouraged to reach out to the Freshman parents they know.

Meeting Adjourned.

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