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WGHS Enrichment Grant funds Digital Cameras

Enrichment Grants

In Fall 2019, the WGHS Art Department stepped up their digital photography game thanks to Jocelyn Reiss’ submittal of two grants requesting equipment to support the department’s photography curriculum. The WGHS Parents’ Club responded by funding the enrichment grants with $2800. Upon hearing that her grants were being funded, Ms. Reiss responded, “Thank you for this wonderful news! I am excited to invest in the educational experiences of my students and their viewing peers.”

Ms. Reiss’ first proposal requested digital imaging technology for the Art department. Prior to the grant, the WGHS Art department didn’t own a single digital camera or any internet compatible device for the documentation and dissemination of student artwork. The WGHS Art department provides creative problem solving and artistic training to nearly 300 students a year, with a focus on the four pillars of the National Standards for Visual Art - Create, Connect, Respond and Present. A digital device in the art classroom provides a point of entry for students who do not own or bring their devices to school to connect with artist communities, research source material, record images of their work, and present their work on a digital platform.

Additionally, the digital single lens reflex camera purchased with the grant provides high quality digital imaging that is demanded of students who apply for Art scholarships, to schools of art and design, or wish to submit single images or a portfolio for review by college boards, local and national competitions. The Art Department is now equipped to support students who engage in 21st century problem solving through digital engagement.

Ms. Reiss’ second grant funded three digital cameras with lens, bags and memory cards. These digital cameras are used in the general photography curriculum, as well as by the WGHS yearbook staff. The yearbook staff provides imaging services to multiple departments for specific events and for the student-created yearbook publication.

Prior to the addition of the digital cameras, the photography program equipment consisted of student-provided 35 mm cameras and a darkroom with wet processing. By providing funding for digital cameras, a broader segment of students will be served and be able to engage in industry standard practices of imaging and representation.

Enrichment Grants are possible because of donations to the WGHS Parents’ Club. Please consider a donation to help fund our missions and create more opportunities for students, like the one you just read about.

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