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Catch up with Mary-Katherine Townsend from Class of 2018!

The Webster Groves High School Parents' Club is Catching Up with the Class of 2018!

The Club recently caught up with 2018 Graduate and Parents' Club Scholarship Winner, Mary-Katherine Townsend. We had the wonderful opportunity to learn about her first semester at Washington University as a pre-med student planning to major in Global Health with a double-minor in Spanish and Children's studies!

Mary-Katherine Townsend with her two roommates on the first day of class

What is your favorite thing about college?

"My favorite thing about college is being able to explore my interests and the numerous clubs and activities that allow you to get involved in on campus and in the St. Louis community. For example I am a mentor to Local students, I play in the travel club tennis team, I have been cast in a play and I am part of the minority pre-med student organization."

What are you looking forward to this year?

"I am looking forward to building life long connections and becoming more involved in the various clubs I joined. I have a very demanding but fulfilling courseload. Chemistry and Spanish require a lot of time outside of class."

"I am looking forward to participating in the study abroad program later this year. I also look forward to becoming more involved in the various clubs and activities and learning about other cultures."

How did the WGHS Parents' Club scholarship help you?

"I am most appreciative of the The parents' club scholarship because it helped me to obtain my course materials and a new laptop."

Mary-Katherine, it is so nice to hear how the Parents' Cub scholarship could help you on your journey, and the Club wishes you the best for your future endeavors!

One of the missions of the Parents' Club is to distribute at least seventeen $1,000 scholarships to graduating WGHS seniors. The scholarships are based on both financial need and a demonstrated ability to succeed. Student's submit applications that include their FAFSA score, GPA, an essay, and academic ratings from three teachers or counselors.

The Parents' Club is hoping to raise at least $17,000 to support the Class of 2019 Scholarship Program. Here is how you can be a part of making an impact for a student.

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