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Catch Up with 2019 Webster Groves High School Parents' Club Scholarship Winner - Zander Gregov

The Webster Groves High School Parents' Club is Catching Up with the Class of 2019!

One of the missions of the Parents' Club is to distribute at least fifteen $1,000 scholarships to graduating WGHS seniors. The Club recently caught up with a few of the 2019 scholarship winners, and we had the wonderful opportunity to learn about how their first semesters at school are going. #STLoveWGHS
 2019 Scholarship Winner, Zander Gregov

Zander just finished his first semester at Kansas State University where he is studying Mechanical Engineering.

What is Your Favorite Thing About College?

"To answer some of your questions, my favorite thing about college so far is the sense of community. There’s something special about living with others of similar interests as I, it is unlike anything I’ve experienced before and it truly is an incredible feeling."

What Are You Looking Forward to This Year?

"This new year I am looking forward to seeing myself really grow and develop into ‘adulthood’, to expand, my goals for this year include saving up and buying my first car, as well as moving out of the dorms into my own house (a rental, but still monumental)."

How Did the WGHS Parents' Club Scholarship Help You?

The Parents’ Club scholarship helped me pay for materials for a Reverse Engineering project, and a homemade Wind Turbine Engineering project, besides these two, the scholarship has primarily helped me with basic living costs such as laundry and other school materials.

"Thanks for reaching out, it’s great to hear from you after your clubs graciousness in awarding me this scholarship! Thank you so much for your groups kindness and help, it has been crucial in my academic success this past semester. Happy new year to all!"

Zander at his floor's White Elephant Christmas celebration, he is the one sitting on the couch wearing the stocking sweater.
The Parents' Club is hoping to raise at least $15,000 to support the Class of 2020 Scholarship Program. Here is how you can be a part of making an impact for a student like Zander!

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